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Esau Okoth Oreso is our Training Director. He was born in rural Western Kenya on March 26th, 1976 and moved to the city of Nairobi with his mom and twin brother. They moved to join his father who was already living and working in Nairobi.

Esau was the oldest of the nine children and lived in Ngomongo slums with his parents and siblings. There he attended both primary and secondary education. His parents were relatively poor and struggled to raise the nine children on less than dollar a day salary. With such a high level of poverty, Esau’s only hope to escape, like all other children, was to work hard at school to at least improve his life. With this drive he pursued his Bachelors in Missiology and Masters degree in Global urban leadership, but the escape from the slums was never to be.

  • In July 1998, Esau Moved to Kibera to live and serve as a community leader. He originally only intended to serve there for nine months, but the organization he was serving for, Tumaini Ministries Center, did not send someone to replace him. More significantly, Esau fell in love with the Kibera community and has since served that community to date. Esau’s passion is to see the transformation of Kibera community through leadership development of both children and adults.
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